Wednesday, 21 November 2012

First,  apologies for yesterday's spelling errors. I cut and paste into the blog but when I saw errors, it would not let me edit. Hopefully today will be better.

The herbal remedy seems to be working. Throat still sore but head cold not so bad.  Had late breakfast, talking to the S. A couple. They left the UK four months ago to return to Durban, the long way round, and still have four weeks left. Backpacking for that length of time would not suit me, even if I was thirty years younger.
For the first time on this trip I walked into town without my camera. It felt strange at first, but soon realised I had photographed most of the interesting people and places, and soon stopped looking for a photo opportunity.
I returned to the Teapot for a cup of Earl Grey, and the famous blueberry cheesecake, which was a delight. I may be over-selling this way of life, and I am sure we have all done it,  and wish it could continue for ever. I am getting weather reports from home, and they are not very encouraging.
I had decided that I would have a massage before leaving, and next door to the Teapot is a massage and therapy place. I booked in for 3.0pm. Whilst waiting I had time to visit a local optician. I had an eye test just before leaving, and brought the prescription with me in the hope of buying a cheap second spare pair. After rejecting all the designer names I settled on a suitable style that could take my tri-focal lenses. Assuming all goes well, it is £65 well spent.
Time for the massage.  I have only experienced the local beauty spa type massages run by women - soft lights, sound of the waves and incense filling the room. It is very relaxing and I usually fall asleep.  This massage was completely different. Advertised as a Ayurvedic massage, they only allow men to massage men. The masseur was a smiling well built six foot local man, who knew his trade well. The old Dutch building was a labyrinth of corridors and small rooms.  Once undressed, I laid on an ancient ebony table with a scalloped centre, so liquids will drain off easily. The table was very old, and had a carved head rest one end, and oil receptacle the other end. If it sounds uncomfortable, it wasn't. My man oiled my  back and arms and found muscles I didn't know I had. I had more knots than a fisherman's keep-net.
After a while I managed to relax, but not to the sleep stage. There is more, but I can already hear at least two ladies I know saying 'too much info Dad'.
I went back to my room and had a very relaxing Siesta.

I spent the evening writing up some book notes and ordered a Byriani to eat in.

Two days left. . . . . Still need to get that perfect sunset.

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