Friday, 23 November 2012

Last minute catch-up.
After signing off last night, around one in the morning we had a terrific thunderstorm.  The first to go were the lights. Then a little later all power went, and is still off as I write this at 8.0am.  The thunder was extremely loud, and the rain came hard and fast. Unable to sleep, I grabbed a pair of shorts and went onto the terrace, where several other guests had had the same idea.  We watched lighting bounce off nearby hills, as thunder roared directly above us,  and wondered what damage we would  find in the morning.  Happily, all looked and sounded normal in the morning. Dogs barked, crows crowed, children shouted, and Mosquitos bit.  The sun is burning off the morning mist and it will be another beautiful day in Cochin.  

Did more last minute shopping and forewent  my tea and cheesecake and had a cold beer at The Seagull bar overlooking the harbour.

All packed now.  Just got to keep dry for next the eight hours.  Decided on Italian tonight  for my last meal.

This is the final, final blog. . . I promise

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