Friday, 16 November 2012

Final Tour Day
Well, it arrived, our last day, and everyone was a little subdued at breakfast. (That may have had something to do with the nightcaps).
We were taken on a short tour which included the oldest christen church founded by a Portuguese explorer in 1550, whose name escapes me just now. Then onto the Jewish Quarter. The synagogue was closed for some reason, but may return later. Apparently there was a thriving Jewish community here once, but the current population is now just nine citizens, as one recently died.
The many shops nearby were of course more expensive than elsewhere, but us guys managed to buy a Gurta and Ghoti (not sure on this spelling)  that is a traditional long white shirt with an embroidered design, and a colourful piece of material that wraps around the waist. Keeping the Ghoti tied on was a challenge as no pins or fasteners are used, but must admit they are very comfortable to wear in this heat.
With the ladies all wearing saris, we were the subject of some attention as we walked to our restaurant on the waterfront. Our final meal was as always excellent, which included steamed fish and may other wonderful curries and vegetables.
Most of the group were leaving at 6.0am the following morning, and I promised to come down and see them off, which I did this morning. As usual in groups like this we have promised to keep in touch on Facebook, and maybe at the Frui Xmas party in December for those that can make it.  We had two girls from Ireland (one each) a doctor from Scotland and two ladies from the USA. Another girl was French/German,  and our tutor, Felipe, is Polish by birth, and speaks five languages, so it was a wonderful mix of people and personalities that made this holiday one I will never forget.

So, onto part two. . . Alone in Cochin.....

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