Saturday, 17 November 2012

Well, here I am in my new home for the week. Bastain Homestay is one of many similar large houses , that have private living quarters downstairs, and five to six guest rooms upstairs a across two levels. My room, and three others, are off of a large open air terrace with tables and chairs.  The owners are very present and speak good English. The room is spare but functional, but has the two essential ammidienties, air conditioning and a shower.
The house also has free Wi-Fi so I can blog every day if I need to.  The location is not the most convenient - it is situated within a laberenth of alleyways off of the main road, and I got lost walking back last night from the Port. Street lighting is sparse at the best of times and non-existent in the back streets.  Earlier I had walked in daylight to the Port and took a ferry across the harbour to the mainland, Ernakuklam.  I saw several boats offering sunset tours for two pounds for 90 minutes, and took the tour. I was the only European on board and after a while people near me asked where I was from and could they take my photo. Moored in the harbour was an giant ocean cruise ship Celeberity Solstice, and they thought I was from there.  I tried to explained that was the last place I wanted to be.
The sunset was good, but our boat approached it head-on, and only turned for the last few seconds. I still five more sunsets to capture.
This mornings breakfast on the terrace with my fellow guests was as good as any of the previous four star I had been used to. Indian omolete, fresh pineapple, toast and jam, and wonderfull black tea. The other guests are mainly young people - a couple from Germany, mother and daughter from Switzerland, and a lady from Holland.
Now I am planning what to do today. Proberbly not a lot. I may make a start on sorting my photos, now peaking at around two thousand, or work some more on my new book. It is not a coincidence I  picked this holiday, as I wanted to combine it with some research for the book, as some of it is set in India, and I wanted to get some hands-on knowledge of the way-of-life in this region.

Enjoy your weekend.

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