Sunday, 18 November 2012

Lazy start, and why not. The good news is I have some clean shirts at last. This may not sound like a big deal, but I assure you it is out here.
I walked back to to port and took another ferry to one of the smaller islands, Vypin.  The guide books say there is not a great deal to see here, and mostly they are right. I walked along the sea front where there are more fishing nets, but these are mainly in a state of disrepair. Then I came across a beautiful white catholic church which was holding a service. The church was full to over-flowing, and loud speakers provided outsiders with a clear account of proceedings. What struck me was the beautiful rhythmic music used in the service. It was not hymn music as we know it, more upbeat, and mostly very melodic. I had to be descret  in taking photos too close to the open doors, but thought I had done OK, so I continued my walk along the sea front for a while longer, stopping to buy a drink and taking more photos.  When I retraced my path back past the church the congregation was spilling out and starting a long a colourful procession through the town. The priests wore highly coloured robes in either yellow, red or blue, and there was even a band. The priests carried shrines of the Virgin Mary, and of St George, compete with horse and dragon.  It was a magical moment of colour and sound, and very pleased I was able to witness it. I did not know where the procession was heading, but after walking about half a mile they suddenly turned, and headed back to the church.
I took the ferry back to Cochin with many good photos and memories.
Although I had a good breakfast, it was now two, so I thought a light snack was in order. Wandering along the sea front I heard more music drifting in my direction, a soft melodic saxophone. It brought me to a small open-air restaurant which offered a good lunch menu. I sat enjoying a chicken Byriani and black tea overlooking the Arabian Ocean, listening to Grover Washington Jnr.  . . . I was very content. (Especially all for £4 including tip),

After wondering around some of the older colonial back streets I had not seen previously, I returned to my room for a siesta and shower.

I spent most the evening looking back on the many photos I have transferred to the iPad - deleting a lot of them in the process.  The big challenge will be editing all the original images from the five scan discs I have when I get home.

Tomorrow I am meeting the TucTuc man my American ladies recommended  for a tour around the city, hopefully to see places off the tourist trail. I have also booked to see the popular dance theatre, Kathakali, which includes seeing the make-up being applied before the performance. I will report on my verdict tomorrow.

Time for bed. . . . .

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  1. Tuesday the 20th and Milly and I have only just started reading your blog!
    Sounds like you are having a great time and I look forward to following the last few days.